Little Hack to turn a notion page into a website

So we did a cool thing the other day - and a bunch of people asked how we did it. Here’s the story:

We hit 1M downloads for our podcast, and decided that’s a significant enough milestone where we need to have a website.

I wrote an outline in Notion, and then stepped back and said to Ishan:

“this should just be the site”

It was simple, unique, and super easy to edit on an ongoing basis (because it’s just a document).

Notion lets you have public pages, but the URL is super ugly like “”. So that was a no-go.

Luckily my main man Ishan found a way to make our domain ( load up the notion doc.

It’s not perfect (load time is a bit slow) but it’s pretty cool - and got a bunch of attention:

Anyways enough rambling! Here’s the workaround!


1. Make your notion doc by creating an account on

2. Transfer your DNS to Cloudflare (2 min video on how to do it)

3. Use Cloudfare’s Workers to proxy your domain

Go to ‘Launch Editor’

Click ‘Add Script’

Name it ‘notion-worker’

Now, you’ll need to go into the editor and change the two highlighted lines to your own specific website: (

Click ‘Deploy’ and go back to the Workers menu. 

4. Add Wildcard route to handle all the traffic

Click on ‘Add Route’ 

Put your domain as the route but ad a ‘*’ at the end. For Worker, select the one we created before, which we named ‘notion-worker’. Click ‘Save’. 

... and that’s it!

Stash of Great Qs

’ll take a great question over a great answer any day of the week (and twice on sunday). 

This is a place for me to stash great questions I find. 

What makes a great question great? 

  • It breaks the ‘autopilot’ answer response of the other person

  • It doesn’t always work, but when it does, it creates gold 

Great Qs Stash: 

low risk:

  • What were you doing as a kid that other kids weren’t doing?

  • What was the highlight of your day today? (better than generic Qs like ‘how is your day going?’)

  • I have a theory that as kids we have this deep desire to please our parents, even if we don’t get along with them. Who’s love did you crave more, your mom or your dad?

  • If you were 21 again today, and you couldn’t do what you’re currently doing - what would you do?

  • I know a guy who got rich, retired early, moved to the woods with his family and just writes books for fun now. What’s your version of that?

  • What do your mornings look like? Like ok, alarm clock goes off at 7am (?), what happens next?

  • What’s something you spend money on, and don’t even think about it. Like you just don’t care you’ll spend silly money on something.

  • what’s your favorite thing you bought recently?

  • If you look back at yourself 5 years ago, what would you cringe at? Something you were doing back then or something you believed/thought back then?

  • What’s your formula to get “unstuck” when you’re feeling stuck on something? How do you get yourself out of a funk?

  • I really love the way you think. So I have a favor to ask - I want you to give me a book recommendation. Any book you really like, just email me the name.

higher risk:

  • (easier in a group of 3) - what’s the hardest thing you’ve ever gone through in your life?

  • what’s something negative about me that you’ve noticed, but haven’t told me?

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